Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! Now more than ever keeping the planet and how we treat it top of mind is so important. Awareness is huge. Below is a picture of the gorgeous Koh Phi Phi islands in Thailand. Sadly while we were there, tourists and guides alike left garbage and trash on these once pristine beaches. They are now making efforts with signage and cleaning crews to tidy up the mess and stop people from littering. It’s a good reminder to be aware of how your daily habits affect the world around you.

The Cloud Forest

Whilst in Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands, it would be wrong not to go check out the Gardens by the Bay, complete with these two giant green house type structures that are home of the ‘Cloud Forest’ and the ‘Flower Dome’ (aka, the World’s largest, columnless, glass house). They are located beside the ‘SuperTrees’, which are in their own right, very impressive as well.

Ok, if the term Cloud Forest doesn’t peak your interest, there may be no hope for you. As soon as I heard tell of this mystical sounding realm I immediately envisioned ethereal orchids and exotic flowers flourishing aside a path to a secret garden – enter the actual Cloud Forest….it did not disappoint!


My husband and I are currently on our Honeymoon – first stop, Singapore. This city is amazing, and conveniently, most everyone speaks English here so it’s super easy to communicate and get around.

The city is extremely clean and the architecture is stunning. There’s lots of shopping and good food, though it can be more on the expensive side. The heat and humidity is something we are getting used to still. Sometimes when I step outside from a lovely air conditioned shop I am shocked at how similar the temperature and humidity is to stepping into my hot yoga class back home.

We’re staying the the Marina Bay Sands on Bayfront in the central business district. The hotel is stunning. We’re on the 47th floor and the view is unreal. The buffet breakfast is delicious, and this morning we are going to check out the amazing infinity pool located at the top of the hotel. It’s huge and looks out over the cityscape. A pretty impressive view to say the least!


hotel, luxurytravel, view, singapore, cutyscape

The View from our Hotel Room @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore



rooftop, bar, singapore, travel, cityview

This is one of the best rooftop bars I’ve ever been to, the view was great and they had Singapore Slings and live music!


luxury ,travel,hotel,lobby,singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby – Luxury!


infinity pool, luxury,travel,singapore,swim

The Infinity Pool @ the top of our Hotel

architecture, ecoconcious, plants, bars, singapore

Loved the giant tree structures (they’re all lit up at night). Yesterday we went to the top and had lunch and a drink at one.


Food! Tiny dishes in Tel Aviv

Often at meals in Israel there are many small dishes that everyone at the table shares. Below is the plethora of small salads, dips, and hummus that was quickly whisked onto our table upon sitting down at a seaside fish restaurant at the old port of Jaffa.


Pacific Beach Sunset

And this is why I love San Diego, CA. This is the view from my patio on this beautiful winter evening.


Fuscia Chair

I love this chair! I came across it at this new coffee shop in Pacific Beach, such a great place to sit and have coffee while catching up with a friend.


Golden Globes 2015 – Best Dressed

There are three things I hope for when watching award shows, they are as follows; fashion, inspiring speeches, and hopefully some good humor tossed in there as well. So, without further ado, below are my picks for the best dressed. As for the inspiring speeches, I do agree with George Clooney’s comments on the value of an award during his lifetime achievement speech last night. George touches on the fact that he doesn’t remember what awards or hardware some of the greats have taken home in their lifetime at events like this. What you remember is their impactful contributions in film and how their artistic work has affected your life. I really liked that insight – so true! And, last but not least, humor! What is an award show without some well timed jokes. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a great job, ensuring some good laughs, especially at the start of the evening.

Julianne Moore, Emily Blunt, Katie Holmes, Golden Globes 2015

Here are three of my favorite dresses from last night’s Golden Globe awards. Julianne Moore’s dress was amazing with just the prefect amount of sparkle. Emily Blunt looked stunning as usual in her flowing white gown. And Katie wore an elegant dark plum gown by Marchesa.


George Clooney, David Oyeolowo, Jake Gyllenhaal Golden Globes 2015

George, David, and Jake looked dapper as they walked the red carpet yesterday evening. Clooney was voted best dressed. The blue sparkle tux worn by David Oyeolowo stood out, and Jake looked handsome as ever – though, lets not kid ourselves, we’re still a little creeped out after Night Crawler (the previews alone).

Naomi Watts, Dakota Johnson, Sienna Miller, Jessica Chastain, Golden Globes 2015

Naomi’s shimmering snake necklace was quite the statement piece at the awards last night! Dakota Johnson who will be playing Ana in the upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey wore a silver Chanel couture dress. Sienna Miller looked amazing in Miu Miu and Jessica Chastain’s Atelier Versace gown was gorgeous.

Channing Tatum, Prince, Eddie Redmayne, golden globes, 2015

Channing Tatum in a tux rarely disappoints, especially at the Golden Globes in this suave black Dolce & Gabbana. Prince drew some awe-struck gasps from the crowd as he stepped on stage in a festive ensemble last night. Eddie Redmayne looked handsome with his wife in tow as their honeymoon was on a brief hold for the award show.



NYC Wall Lean

It’s chilly outside this time of year in NYC, so I got to bust out my favorite Miss Sixty jacket. It feels like you’re wearing a sleeping bag with a fur hood. Excellent for being out and about in the city.

parka, jacket, street fashion

Gotta get that parka on, it’s cold out here!

Friday Style

This Mom’s got style. The perfect outfit for a cloudy Friday afternoon in Little Italy with her kids, who also happen to be sporting some bright threads . Have a great weekend everyone!


Winter in Bobcaygeon, Ontario – Canada

Bobcaygeon is a small town in Ontario, north-east of Toronto. The region is called Kawartha Lakes and it is such a picturesque area. They have locks for the big boats that come through town in the summer and in the winter the population is much smaller without the huge influx of tourists that time of year. They often get cold and pretty snow-filled winters. Here are a few pictures I recently captured.


Bridge, downtown Bobcaygeon, winter Bigley's

On the far side of the bridge you can see the store Bigley’s. A very popular shoe and clothing store with good name brands that people travel all the way to Bobcaygeon just to shop at.

Snowy bridge, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, winter

En Route to Downtown Bobcaygeon

Coffee, Kawartha Coffee, Americano, specialty drinks

Once downtown Bobcaygeon I always like to stop by Kawartha Coffee. Delicious Americanos and specialty coffee can be found in this cozy coffee shop along the Main Street downtown Bobcaygeon.

Coffee Shop, Kawartha Coffee, Americano, Latte

Kawartha Coffee Shop – View to Main Street

Bridge, locks, Ontario, small town

Bridge and the locks

Inn, small town, snow dusting, winter scene

Bobcaygeon Inn and Bridge

dog walk

My Dad out for a snowy dog walk.

Main Street, Downtown Small towns

A sunny day on Main Street.

Quiet street, calm, snow, winter

As dusk set in the snow dusted streets were quiet.

Morning, sun rise, winter, snow

Such a beautiful, wintery view to wake up to.

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