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What’s happening in fashion from a street view? Is it stripes or pastels, brights or muted? Let’s take to the street and see what’s in style this season.
To me a splash of colour will never go out of style, particularly if it is my favourite nautical red and navy, paired with crisp bright whites. I happened upon this bright/nautical theme on one of my many lunch-time wanders through Jacob. From navy and red striped (yes that’s right stripes are in too) sweaters to cardigans with modest yet eye catching gold buttons, Jacob has your summer/sea side wardrobe covered. I even caught sight of a polka-dot navy blue pencil skirt! Tommy and Nautica have done it right for quite some time now, but I’m glad to see other brands getting “on board”.
There has been more and more denim creeping onto the racks, especially the late 80’s/early 90’s light blue, easy wearing denim. I was just perusing through Vogue’s latest trends and must haves ( and their first item happened to be “Head to Toe Denim”. Now, I could totally go for the casual soft-feel denim button ups that have been showing up everywhere…but head to toe is not for the faint at heart. Perhaps this style can be rocked, but at this point I don’t think it will be rocked by me. I’ll be interested to see how this denim trend escalates…check back later for an update on who’s diggin’ the blue.
Having caught wind that pastels are in, I ask myself if this a good thing or bad? Pastels summon the thought of Easter for me…it also makes me nostalgic for my pastel purple crushed velvet hair scrunchie from an earlier phase of my life. So why pastels? Perhaps another sign that we are in fact the echo generation? Well if nothing else I enjoy that pastels emulate a calm serene attitude. Aside from viewing some of the pastel garments that are rumoured to soon be gracing our sidewalks, the best way to truly decide if you are on the band wagon for this trend would be to try it out for yourself.

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