To Blackberry or i-Phone…

To Blackberry or iPhone? That is the question…

I was faced with such a question when it was time to replace my VERY outdated flip phone. Debating between the two, I opted for a stylish new blackberry. My initial reason for choosing the blackberry is for the physical keypad as opposed to the coveted touch screen of the iPhone. It’s good for e-mail, facebook, memo-pad, etc. However, having viewed the browser and apps available on iPhones, I question whether the blackberry competes in those categories.

Another aspect of blackberry that I originally thought was going to be a bonus was bbm (blackberry messenger… free messenger to/from all other blackberry users). It turns out to be less than enjoyable. It takes the trend of being able to contact each other any time/any where to a whole new, rather intrusive, level.  If someone sends you a bbm, they can tell if you’ve read their message… meaning if you’ve read it an don’t reply right away it may come off as rude. As soon as someone sends you a bbm, there is the token red asterisk staring you in the face until you click on it to read the message. Sometimes we don’t want to feel obligated to reply right away. It’s similar to if voicemail where to notify the caller that you have in fact listened to their message and if they have not heard back from you it is likely that you are not busy, but electing to ignore them. This I am not a fan of.

Blackberry is often the phone of choice for businesses due to its incredible level of security. iPhones are frequently selected due to their cool factor.  The bottom line is whichever one you get, they are both incredibly smart phones that are going to facilitate everything you do, from checking your e-mail, facebook, the weather (might I recommend the weather-eye app), or scheduling a lunch date on your calendar, both are extremely comprehensive technologies.

And hey….when my three year contract is up with the blackberry, perhaps I will try out the iPhone for a while…..or maybe the newest craze, an android phone.



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