Fuscia Chair

I love this chair! I came across it at this new coffee shop in Pacific Beach, such a great place to sit and have coffee while catching up with a friend.


The High Line in New York

High Line NYC city walk greenway revamped

The High Line

The High Line was a great experience for us in NYC. They’ve taken these old railway tracks and revamped them into a green walkway surrounded by tall grasses and beautiful foliage with wooden benches scattered along the walk. It was pretty busy when we were there, but still very enjoyable. The tracks are high (thus, The High Line) above street level and weave through some pretty cool buildings. The architecture around the walkway ranges from old and slightly industrial looking to brand new development. It’s a great place to go for a stroll in some greenery while still being in the big city. Here are some pictures of our walk.

Tea Pot Fountain The High Line

Beautiful Garden and Fountain along the High Line. I loved this mystical asian-inspired tea pot fountain nestled in amongst the tall grass with the sunbeams streaming through! Amazing.

Ok, so I’ll admit it, I’ve been watching DVF’s new reality tv show lately and I’m kinda addicted. So I was super excited when I saw this building while wandering along The High Line.

DVF Diane Von Furstenburg

DVF Building



Had to bust out the parka! It was chilly compared to San Diego!


Catching a glimpse of the DVF Building! Lets go check it out.

Glass Building NY


Mural Building Painting on The High Line NY

Cool Building Mural View from The High Line


High Line Walk Stroll Buildings NYC

Find the Craig - *hint: he's wearing sunglasses and holding a Starbucks cup


High Line NYC city walk greenway revamped

The High Line


Hairband – Gatsby Inspired

All of this talk about the Great Gatsby and some of the fashion trends that are popping up with it inspired me to do some crafting this past weekend. I decided to create a simple (Gatsby inspired) gold-leaf headband.

Annie Kimble headband decorative hairpiece Gatsby hairstyle 20's

Gold-leaf Gatbsy inspired headpiece

Annie Kimble Headband hairstyle Gatsby

Me wearing my latest creation


Model in Bright Yellow Dress outside London Fashion Week

“The Courtyard” – London Fashion Week 2012 (photo by: Annie Kimble)


One of the most talked about fashion events, London Fashion Week 2012, cascaded through the city from September 14 – 18th. It featured 67 catwalk shows (British Fashion Council) and created an air of excitement throughout London. And, what better way to spend a sunny afternoon, than hanging out and taking photos of all the excitement!

The above is photo is taken at “The Courtyard”, where many of the London Fashion Week shows took place. Before and after the show people swarmed the area waiting to catch a glimpse of the intriguing sights. This bright yellow dress was one of my favourites! There was such a wide array of people and fashion to see, that it was hard to choose which to feature in this article….click here to see many more photos of London Fashion Week.

Designers from all over came to show their creations. Photographers, bloggers, and journalists were out in full force making sure not to miss a beat. It was no surprise that the Lady Gaga attended and wore a flower-helmet at Philip Treacy, the famous hat designer’s show.


Favourite Store of the Month

Anthropologie is my new favourite store, I LOVE all of their stuff. Their clothes are so unique and cute and they even have home décor as well?! I first learned of them online, living in Victoria BC, I have yet to have the pleasure of going into one of their stores…though I’ve heard tell of one that will be in Vancouver soon. Above I have posted some of my favourite items. These images where are found on anthropologie.com.

New Chair

New Chair

New Chair



Seating is key to the overall comfort of a home. This white leather chair is the perfect mix between comfort and design. On one of our many Sunday wanders through the design district in downtown Victoria, my boyfriend and I walked into one particular store that was having a customer appreciation day. We entered a contest to win a piece of furniture and thought nothing more of it, until about Wednesday the following week. We had won the chair! It was especially lucky, as we had been searching for the perfect chair to fit into our cozy loft apartment. Harry and Charles (the cats) were also very happy about our new chair. They are connoisseurs’ of comfort and, according to the time they’ve spent lounging on it since its arrival, I’d say it’s of the utmost comfort.





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