Golden Globes 2015 – Best Dressed

There are three things I hope for when watching award shows, they are as follows; fashion, inspiring speeches, and hopefully some good humor tossed in there as well. So, without further ado, below are my picks for the best dressed. As for the inspiring speeches, I do agree with George Clooney’s comments on the value of an award during his lifetime achievement speech last night. George touches on the fact that he doesn’t remember what awards or hardware some of the greats have taken home in their lifetime at events like this. What you remember is their impactful contributions in film and how their artistic work has affected your life. I really liked that insight – so true! And, last but not least, humor! What is an award show without some well timed jokes. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a great job, ensuring some good laughs, especially at the start of the evening.

Julianne Moore, Emily Blunt, Katie Holmes, Golden Globes 2015

Here are three of my favorite dresses from last night’s Golden Globe awards. Julianne Moore’s dress was amazing with just the prefect amount of sparkle. Emily Blunt looked stunning as usual in her flowing white gown. And Katie wore an elegant dark plum gown by Marchesa.


George Clooney, David Oyeolowo, Jake Gyllenhaal Golden Globes 2015

George, David, and Jake looked dapper as they walked the red carpet yesterday evening. Clooney was voted best dressed. The blue sparkle tux worn by David Oyeolowo stood out, and Jake looked handsome as ever – though, lets not kid ourselves, we’re still a little creeped out after Night Crawler (the previews alone).

Naomi Watts, Dakota Johnson, Sienna Miller, Jessica Chastain, Golden Globes 2015

Naomi’s shimmering snake necklace was quite the statement piece at the awards last night! Dakota Johnson who will be playing Ana in the upcoming film Fifty Shades of Grey wore a silver Chanel couture dress. Sienna Miller looked amazing in Miu Miu and Jessica Chastain’s Atelier Versace gown was gorgeous.

Channing Tatum, Prince, Eddie Redmayne, golden globes, 2015

Channing Tatum in a tux rarely disappoints, especially at the Golden Globes in this suave black Dolce & Gabbana. Prince drew some awe-struck gasps from the crowd as he stepped on stage in a festive ensemble last night. Eddie Redmayne looked handsome with his wife in tow as their honeymoon was on a brief hold for the award show.



NYC Wall Lean

It’s chilly outside this time of year in NYC, so I got to bust out my favorite Miss Sixty jacket. It feels like you’re wearing a sleeping bag with a fur hood. Excellent for being out and about in the city.

parka, jacket, street fashion

Gotta get that parka on, it’s cold out here!

Friday Style

This Mom’s got style. The perfect outfit for a cloudy Friday afternoon in Little Italy with her kids, who also happen to be sporting some bright threads . Have a great weekend everyone!


The High Line in New York

High Line NYC city walk greenway revamped

The High Line

The High Line was a great experience for us in NYC. They’ve taken these old railway tracks and revamped them into a green walkway surrounded by tall grasses and beautiful foliage with wooden benches scattered along the walk. It was pretty busy when we were there, but still very enjoyable. The tracks are high (thus, The High Line) above street level and weave through some pretty cool buildings. The architecture around the walkway ranges from old and slightly industrial looking to brand new development. It’s a great place to go for a stroll in some greenery while still being in the big city. Here are some pictures of our walk.

Tea Pot Fountain The High Line

Beautiful Garden and Fountain along the High Line. I loved this mystical asian-inspired tea pot fountain nestled in amongst the tall grass with the sunbeams streaming through! Amazing.

Ok, so I’ll admit it, I’ve been watching DVF’s new reality tv show lately and I’m kinda addicted. So I was super excited when I saw this building while wandering along The High Line.

DVF Diane Von Furstenburg

DVF Building



Had to bust out the parka! It was chilly compared to San Diego!


Catching a glimpse of the DVF Building! Lets go check it out.

Glass Building NY


Mural Building Painting on The High Line NY

Cool Building Mural View from The High Line


High Line Walk Stroll Buildings NYC

Find the Craig - *hint: he's wearing sunglasses and holding a Starbucks cup


High Line NYC city walk greenway revamped

The High Line


NY Fashion Week 2014

Yet another NY Fashion Week has come and gone. Here’s a link the the Michael Kors Spring-Summer 2015 Show:

Michael Kors is one of my favourite designers. I love the bold colours and simple, beautiful designs. Enjoy.


A Day @DelMarRaces

So many great outfits at the horse races today. This was one of my favorites.


Summer Style – Gina rockin’ the yellow pants

Here Gina rocks out some super stylish bright yellow pants from “Anthro”.

fashion photography style street photography cool pants trendy

Business - ironically in black & white...

Fashion pants yellow pants style cool

Yellow Pants - No Filter

bright yellow pants fashion summer style Anthropology trend

yellow pants & graffiti art

Fashion Pants!

I’m loving the ‘Harem Pants’ look. Super comfortable and stylish. I think I will have to invest in a pair. Below is my stylish friend and colleague Mabel.

Mabel wears fashion pants harem pants style trending urban outfitters

Mabel rockin' out the harem pants!

pants harem pants urban outfitters stylish trending pants

Paisley Harem Pants




Hairband – Gatsby Inspired

All of this talk about the Great Gatsby and some of the fashion trends that are popping up with it inspired me to do some crafting this past weekend. I decided to create a simple (Gatsby inspired) gold-leaf headband.

Annie Kimble headband decorative hairpiece Gatsby hairstyle 20's

Gold-leaf Gatbsy inspired headpiece

Annie Kimble Headband hairstyle Gatsby

Me wearing my latest creation

The Great Gatsby Fever

The Great Gastsby Leo DiCaprio Carey Mulligan

Leo and Carey in The Great Gatsby


There’s lot of buzz whirling around about the upcoming film of the classic tale of ‘The Great Gatsby’. This is also showing up in fashion, the roaring 20’s are making a comeback.

From intricate lace detailing to romantic beaded hairbands there’s lots to choose from to add a little 20’s to your style.

The film is said to be in theaters starting May 10, 2013. I’m a huge Leo fan and with other big names such as; Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, and Jason Clarke I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

great gatsby carey mulligan style 20's dress

Carey Mulligan / Gatsby on the Runway

Leo DiCaprio Great Gatsby Martini 20's Fashion Style

Leo as The Great Gatsby

Leo DiCaprio Carrey Mulligan The Great Gatsby

Gatsby Party


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