The High Line in New York

High Line NYC city walk greenway revamped

The High Line

The High Line was a great experience for us in NYC. They’ve taken these old railway tracks and revamped them into a green walkway surrounded by tall grasses and beautiful foliage with wooden benches scattered along the walk. It was pretty busy when we were there, but still very enjoyable. The tracks are high (thus, The High Line) above street level and weave through some pretty cool buildings. The architecture around the walkway ranges from old and slightly industrial looking to brand new development. It’s a great place to go for a stroll in some greenery while still being in the big city. Here are some pictures of our walk.

Tea Pot Fountain The High Line

Beautiful Garden and Fountain along the High Line. I loved this mystical asian-inspired tea pot fountain nestled in amongst the tall grass with the sunbeams streaming through! Amazing.

Ok, so I’ll admit it, I’ve been watching DVF’s new reality tv show lately and I’m kinda addicted. So I was super excited when I saw this building while wandering along The High Line.

DVF Diane Von Furstenburg

DVF Building



Had to bust out the parka! It was chilly compared to San Diego!


Catching a glimpse of the DVF Building! Lets go check it out.

Glass Building NY


Mural Building Painting on The High Line NY

Cool Building Mural View from The High Line


High Line Walk Stroll Buildings NYC

Find the Craig - *hint: he's wearing sunglasses and holding a Starbucks cup


High Line NYC city walk greenway revamped

The High Line


BioGlobe – Terrariums

Ok, so I have a new obsession and it’s called Air Plants. They are awesome! And the best part is they are very low maintenance. We just had the Grand Opening of our new Etsy store called: BioGlobes. And in it we sell these cute little gift sets that you can make your own terrarium out of! With each gift set comes a globe, colored sand, reindeer moss, rocks, another item from nature, AND, last but not least two Air Plants. Terrariums are awesome because it’s like having a mini garden that is super stylish and you can put anywhere. They are perfect for home or office.

AirPlants Tillandsia gardening terrariums

Air Plants are so wild looking I love it! As per the photo below they come in a variety of forms. The dark green twisted ones are one of my favorites! There does seem to be some overall discrepancy on how often and long you have to water them for. Some people say once a month you can soak them for a few hours, others say just put in water for a minute once a week. So far, from my experience they do not require very much water at all. In fact, if you water them too much they will rot! When watering I’ve been only soaking them for about a minute once a week and ensuring that they are completely dry before putting them back in their BioGlobe (i.e. terrarium) and that seems to be working out well.

Air Plants ‘technical’ name is tillandsia. They don’t have roots nor do they require soil. Just good air circulation, water once and a while, and lots of indirect sunlight. I received a good tip from a guy at the nursery where I buy my Air Plants at: he said that the more grey the plant is, the more sun it is wanting. So if your plant is turning grey be sure to give it a little more sunlight!

If you are interesting in getting a terrarium of your own please visit my new shop! Here’s the link and some pictures of the terrariums and gift sets:

terrarium lichen air plants tillandsia plants mini garden mossterrarium BioGlobe gifts christmas gifts Air Plants mossterrarium giftset air plants tillandsia moss mini globeterrarium giftset air plants tillandsia moss mini globeterrarium giftset air plants tillandsia moss mini globe pear shaped terrarium



Love NYC Skating!

Gotta love skating in Bryant Park in NYC. It’s November, the rink is open for skating, and the Winter Village is in full swing! The little shops full of sparkling decorations are my favorite. It’s ALMOST like the holidays have already started.






NY Fashion Week 2014

Yet another NY Fashion Week has come and gone. Here’s a link the the Michael Kors Spring-Summer 2015 Show:

Michael Kors is one of my favourite designers. I love the bold colours and simple, beautiful designs. Enjoy.


A Day @DelMarRaces

So many great outfits at the horse races today. This was one of my favorites.


Summer Style – Gina rockin’ the yellow pants

Here Gina rocks out some super stylish bright yellow pants from “Anthro”.

fashion photography style street photography cool pants trendy

Business - ironically in black & white...

Fashion pants yellow pants style cool

Yellow Pants - No Filter

bright yellow pants fashion summer style Anthropology trend

yellow pants & graffiti art

Fashion Pants!

I’m loving the ‘Harem Pants’ look. Super comfortable and stylish. I think I will have to invest in a pair. Below is my stylish friend and colleague Mabel.

Mabel wears fashion pants harem pants style trending urban outfitters

Mabel rockin' out the harem pants!

pants harem pants urban outfitters stylish trending pants

Paisley Harem Pants




How to Be Sexy – Ashton Kutcher

And this is why I love Ashton Kutcher…he’s not just hot, he’s sexy. His speech at the Teen Choice awards was awesome. Check it out for yourself:

Teen Choice Awards Speech – Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher, Sexy, Teen Choice Awards Speech, Ultimate Choice Award, Kelso

Ashton Kutcher looking Sexy


Hairband – Gatsby Inspired

All of this talk about the Great Gatsby and some of the fashion trends that are popping up with it inspired me to do some crafting this past weekend. I decided to create a simple (Gatsby inspired) gold-leaf headband.

Annie Kimble headband decorative hairpiece Gatsby hairstyle 20's

Gold-leaf Gatbsy inspired headpiece

Annie Kimble Headband hairstyle Gatsby

Me wearing my latest creation

The Great Gatsby Fever

The Great Gastsby Leo DiCaprio Carey Mulligan

Leo and Carey in The Great Gatsby


There’s lot of buzz whirling around about the upcoming film of the classic tale of ‘The Great Gatsby’. This is also showing up in fashion, the roaring 20’s are making a comeback.

From intricate lace detailing to romantic beaded hairbands there’s lots to choose from to add a little 20’s to your style.

The film is said to be in theaters starting May 10, 2013. I’m a huge Leo fan and with other big names such as; Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher, and Jason Clarke I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

great gatsby carey mulligan style 20's dress

Carey Mulligan / Gatsby on the Runway

Leo DiCaprio Great Gatsby Martini 20's Fashion Style

Leo as The Great Gatsby

Leo DiCaprio Carrey Mulligan The Great Gatsby

Gatsby Party


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