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Ok, so I have a new obsession and it’s called Air Plants. They are awesome! And the best part is they are very low maintenance. We just had the Grand Opening of our new Etsy store called: BioGlobes. And in it we sell these cute little gift sets that you can make your own terrarium out of! With each gift set comes a globe, colored sand, reindeer moss, rocks, another item from nature, AND, last but not least two Air Plants. Terrariums are awesome because it’s like having a mini garden that is super stylish and you can put anywhere. They are perfect for home or office.

AirPlants Tillandsia gardening terrariums

Air Plants are so wild looking I love it! As per the photo below they come in a variety of forms. The dark green twisted ones are one of my favorites! There does seem to be some overall discrepancy on how often and long you have to water them for. Some people say once a month you can soak them for a few hours, others say just put in water for a minute once a week. So far, from my experience they do not require very much water at all. In fact, if you water them too much they will rot! When watering I’ve been only soaking them for about a minute once a week and ensuring that they are completely dry before putting them back in their BioGlobe (i.e. terrarium) and that seems to be working out well.

Air Plants ‘technical’ name is tillandsia. They don’t have roots nor do they require soil. Just good air circulation, water once and a while, and lots of indirect sunlight. I received a good tip from a guy at the nursery where I buy my Air Plants at: he said that the more grey the plant is, the more sun it is wanting. So if your plant is turning grey be sure to give it a little more sunlight!

If you are interesting in getting a terrarium of your own please visit my new shop! Here’s the link and some pictures of the terrariums and gift sets:

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