My husband and I are currently on our Honeymoon – first stop, Singapore. This city is amazing, and conveniently, most everyone speaks English here so it’s super easy to communicate and get around.

The city is extremely clean and the architecture is stunning. There’s lots of shopping and good food, though it can be more on the expensive side. The heat and humidity is something we are getting used to still. Sometimes when I step outside from a lovely air conditioned shop I am shocked at how similar the temperature and humidity is to stepping into my hot yoga class back home.

We’re staying the the Marina Bay Sands on Bayfront in the central business district. The hotel is stunning. We’re on the 47th floor and the view is unreal. The buffet breakfast is delicious, and this morning we are going to check out the amazing infinity pool located at the top of the hotel. It’s huge and looks out over the cityscape. A pretty impressive view to say the least!


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The View from our Hotel Room @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore



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This is one of the best rooftop bars I’ve ever been to, the view was great and they had Singapore Slings and live music!


luxury ,travel,hotel,lobby,singapore

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Lobby – Luxury!


infinity pool, luxury,travel,singapore,swim

The Infinity Pool @ the top of our Hotel

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Loved the giant tree structures (they’re all lit up at night). Yesterday we went to the top and had lunch and a drink at one.


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