Gallery – London Fashion Week 2012

London Fashion Week 2012. © Photos by: Annie Kimble


Model in Bright Yellow Dress outside London Fashion Week

“The Courtyard” – London Fashion Week 2012 (photo by: Annie Kimble)


One of the most talked about fashion events, London Fashion Week 2012, cascaded through the city from September 14 – 18th. It featured 67 catwalk shows (British Fashion Council) and created an air of excitement throughout London. And, what better way to spend a sunny afternoon, than hanging out and taking photos of all the excitement!

The above is photo is taken at “The Courtyard”, where many of the London Fashion Week shows took place. Before and after the show people swarmed the area waiting to catch a glimpse of the intriguing sights. This bright yellow dress was one of my favourites! There was such a wide array of people and fashion to see, that it was hard to choose which to feature in this article….click here to see many more photos of London Fashion Week.

Designers from all over came to show their creations. Photographers, bloggers, and journalists were out in full force making sure not to miss a beat. It was no surprise that the Lady Gaga attended and wore a flower-helmet at Philip Treacy, the famous hat designer’s show.


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