Winter in Bobcaygeon, Ontario – Canada

Bobcaygeon is a small town in Ontario, north-east of Toronto. The region is called Kawartha Lakes and it is such a picturesque area. They have locks for the big boats that come through town in the summer and in the winter the population is much smaller without the huge influx of tourists that time of year. They often get cold and pretty snow-filled winters. Here are a few pictures I recently captured.


Bridge, downtown Bobcaygeon, winter Bigley's

On the far side of the bridge you can see the store Bigley’s. A very popular shoe and clothing store with good name brands that people travel all the way to Bobcaygeon just to shop at.

Snowy bridge, Bobcaygeon, Ontario, winter

En Route to Downtown Bobcaygeon

Coffee, Kawartha Coffee, Americano, specialty drinks

Once downtown Bobcaygeon I always like to stop by Kawartha Coffee. Delicious Americanos and specialty coffee can be found in this cozy coffee shop along the Main Street downtown Bobcaygeon.

Coffee Shop, Kawartha Coffee, Americano, Latte

Kawartha Coffee Shop – View to Main Street

Bridge, locks, Ontario, small town

Bridge and the locks

Inn, small town, snow dusting, winter scene

Bobcaygeon Inn and Bridge

dog walk

My Dad out for a snowy dog walk.

Main Street, Downtown Small towns

A sunny day on Main Street.

Quiet street, calm, snow, winter

As dusk set in the snow dusted streets were quiet.

Morning, sun rise, winter, snow

Such a beautiful, wintery view to wake up to.

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